I Love That Girl…Actually This Woman I have become in 2020!

I recently had a trip to TX which involved a beach trip with the “dreaded swimsuit!” I never had swimsuit issues until this year, and I had tried to find a new one but haven’t been able to. I’ve always had problems with my body but swimsuit was never an issue for some reason. This […]

How I Manifested a Vacation. My Free 7 Step Guide

Do you know what manifest means? It means it came to pass…to actually see it happen. This is what the dictionary says adjectiveclear or obvious to the eye or mind. In my FB LIVE I QUOTED FROM JENN SINCERO’S AMAZING BOOK CALLED YOU’RE A BADASS AT MAKING MONEY about our financial realities CHECK IT OUT […]

The Recipe to Kick Stress in the Balls! A Recipe Card my Grandma Shared with Me

This was a writing I had written 2 years ago…found it in my phone. I wanted to share it with others tonight. Here is my FB LIVE that I recorded this evening . Here is my grandmas story Been doing lots of soul searching and forgiving myself last couple years.  I was a workaholic since […]