Power over Burnout

I remember being a hard working real estate agent with no plan but a hope and a dream.

When you find something that’s interesting and you feel challenged it’s so easy to dive in deep, quick and fast! 

That’s what happened to me! 

I was an agent getting back into the game in 2012 after a little break. I knew this time was going to be different. 

It WAS different. I went from selling 3 houses in a year in 2012 to selling 55 a year beginning in 2013.

It was amazing! I felt like it was raining money! I had hit the jackpot.

About 3 months in, I began to see that not having a plan caused me to have major anxiety about closings. I went from managing one deal at a time to 10 at a time! I was working 80 hour weeks! 

It was nuts…I wanted to make that money so I was afraid to hire and when I hired people I was afraid I couldn’t pay them! 

There was no plan.

I found that not having a plan wasn’t my only worry. My clients were ruling my life. I’m in Nashville on vacation – on the phone. 

In Jamaica – In a panic that a deal will fall apart so I can finish paying for my timeshare. 

At home with my kids.  “Guys I’ve gotta take this call.” “Guys not now I’m looking at this report.”  

What I saw was that everyone around me began to see me as someone else. I was beginning to dislike myself, as well. I was becoming someone I didn’t like. 

Egotistical, hard headed, anxious, tired, stressed……BURNT OUT.

And it wasn’t just burnout in business…it was burnout in relationships, family, money.

I remember Christmas 2015, I was about to close on my own house and I just had the biggest month of my life…a 6 figure month and I wasn’t even happy about it. I was worried that money would be gone. I remember thinking, “this is it? This is what I wanted?” 

It felt empty but that was not my rock bottom. It was the beginning of the end.

If I had only had something that could help me handle all the business and enjoy what I had built.

Insert big real estate firm which will remain nameless….they found me when I was at my bottom. I was done, I was finished.

It was this that saved my career, my family, all the things!! They were my SAVIOR! At that moment, when looking back, the cost was a little much with what was provided.

It cost me over $25k for the year I spent with them

Too much? 

Maybe, I don’t know. You can’t put a price on peace. It’s worth so much.

But I was motivated more than ever to be an asset to help others. There had to be more just like me!

That’s when I set out on my journey to help others without having to pay as much as you would at a firm whose major claim is personal growth and teaching agents how to have a business and run it like a business.

You can do that all day long and I promise you it’s always going to cost more than it has to. They don’t give you the “easy” button. They only make it sound like they do. 

My 8 week course, Power over Burnout, is going to deliver the results you desire.

  • Directive plan to increase your financial goals and get past the ceiling you keep hitting
  • Skills to manage stress
  • Be more present for family and friends and create a life more than just work
  • More energy
  • Better sleep patterns
  • A desire to help and serve even more people

This isn’t about hustle more, it’s also not about creating a life that looks great on the outside…this is about a better understanding of what we are working towards in life and about the choices that take us closer to our values!

As the creator of my company, The Wellness Warrior Within, I  have developed an encouraging and thoughtful approach to creating a road map towards better balance that creates a solution to your overwhelm. 

I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible to awaken to the presence of joy, inspiration, purpose, and abundance. If this sounds like something you want more of, if you want to live in your purpose and meaning, then you are in the right place! 

Here’s the promise of my coaching course: 

  1. Non-scolding approach
  2. Exercises that help you clarify and simplify your life
  3. Outline a framework to reduce stress
  4. Learn to get/stay on the path to gaining balance, better health, greater resilience, and peace of mind.
  5. Small steps to understanding your values and feelings and remove ideas that don’t serve you.

Now is the perfect time to create change in your life! Secure your spot in the class of 2021.  


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