Rejection is Always Protection

I’ve had a great deal of people reject me. There is never a moment in time when it feels any better than the last. It truly is a part of life. I always used to take the rejection so personally. 

The key is knowing how to handle the rejection so it does not overtake you. 

5 years ago someone really hurt my feelings and rejected me. I was hurt and complained about it to my friend, Tania. 

To be honest, I don’t even remember who it was that I was complaining about lol. 

But what I remember is what Tania told me. She said “rejection is always God’s protection.” 

In that moment I had all the memories of rejection and being able to understand why it had to happen. 

Rejection launches you forward and once you’re able to learn this lesson, the rejection hurts less and less. 

I love Stephen Curry. He’s a basketball player who happens to play for one of my son’s favorite teams, The Warriors. 

Here’s some great tips for handling rejection: 7 ways to use rejection to make you stronger 

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