Lessons Are Kinda Hard To Do

Lessons are kinda hard to do.

“Make you cry a lot…make you have tantrums” – Asher 2021

Sometimes I’m looking at my children and the most amazing things come flowing out of their mouth. This was something I needed to hear when Asher said it a couple of weeks ago.

My lesson throughout 2018-2021 has been to surrender.

Surrender the control, surrender the plan, surrender my dreams.

You do know surrender isn’t about giving up, right? Sometimes this is something I’ve gotta say to myself, as well!!

I think in 2019 we were all about the control…when kids get dropped off at school, what places I plan to go to eat in 2020, when I see my friends, where I’m going on vacation, how many times I will work out a week.

Any of that sound familiar? Oh em gee wow! What a difference a year and a half makes!

In 2020 my kids didn’t get to go to school all year. I chose to homeschool them in an effort to “control the crazy”. One out of many lessons learned in 2020 was no matter what I do to control a situation, the crazy seems to seep out in cracks and crevices we never thought.

By November 2020, my efforts to control all things had to come to a stop.

Today….again efforts to stop the control all things Annie.

Learning lessons is a process. It’s part of the journey. We expect to just get it and when we don’t 2 weeks later it can lead to self hate, frustration, and losing hope.

I know where you are today, maybe things are going great and exactly as planned. If this is the case, I celebrate with you today.

If there is a lot of frustration, or sad self talk, or losing hope in who you are, I want you to know I am here with you. In the mess, in the hell, in the headache. I’ve got your back.

I’ve got the course that’s going to help you through the lessons that are going to help you to choose joy when you feel helpless.

After 10 weeks of my course you are sure to help create:

  • More joy
  • More energy
  • More hope
  • Solutions to create more time and money
  • Solutions to kick stress to the curb and overcome your feelings by learning how to shut down feelings of guilt and shame

This is everything I needed in 2017 when I was headed into the burnout of my life….don’t get there. It’s never too early or late to claim your power over scary life situations.

There is no better time than now to claim your spot with me!

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