Design Your Life with Dream Boards

Dream Boards

What we set out to do and dream doesn’t always happen exactly as we plan or want.

Sometimes we don’t achieve things that we set out to do. In fact, it often happens more in interesting ways then we expect.

I used to get so excited about a dream and work hard to do it and it wasn’t going as planned….so I quit. LOL.

Did that a lot!

Does that sound familiar?

What I’ve realized about dream boards and dreams is that it’s not a fairy tale. It doesn’t mean that if you put it up there it’s 100% going to happen that way.

Dream boards become a story for our path that we walk. I found putting stories behind the journey helps keep me on my path. I also love hearing about journeys so I’m going to share mine with you.

My first dream board that I can remember was 10 or 11 years ago. I could only imagine a couple things. One was a 2011 red Cadillac SRX, a home with a mtn view in Soterra, and that infinite pool they have there. A few other things like Italy has always been a dream.

I found my dream board about 4 years ago. It was placed in storage and I had totally forgotten about it . It was so cool to see that about 50% on that board came true. I had totally lost the board so this testimony of finding it was proof that dream boards work.

Little story about that Cadillac SRX that was on my board…I went to go buy it at a dealership and it literally was just sold when I got there and ended up with my amazing Lexus! So sometimes we have things on our board that make us jump at it and it ends up being a way better gift and blessing.

I now have the mantra “it’s this or something better”.

The trick to all the dreams and goals is surrender. This is something I am learning to do now. That mantra helps me.

Do you have a dream you’ve put in “storage”? Maybe you internally stopped dreaming about it?

You can bring it out, my friend!


We can help!

Want some direction for making a dream board?! Here is a YouTube video that may help.

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