Lesson Learned

Do you ever have those moments where you’re sitting in front of your computer or phone and you’re downloading something….and waiting and waiting and waiting….and you get “failed to upload” and it won’t refresh or load? 

You lost everything? 

Omg!! Me too! Just so happens it happened to me this week! 

I was gifted fresh Farm Girl Flowers. They were beautiful and from my mom for my birthday. 

If you know anything about Farm Fresh Flowers you know that their presentation is everything. 

Well, I had the perfect picture and didn’t save it to my phone. I expected it would save on Instagram. Lesson learned….it was supposed to be a “thank you” to my mom on my Instagram story.

Took the pretty photo then undressed my flowers and put them away.

Opened up Instagram. 

Didn’t load (written in red). I pressed reload about 20 times now….nothing.

Then I had an idea to save the picture and capture it….wouldn’t work!!


I haven’t been so frustrated in a while….LOL. I know I’m over dramatic just a little. But the real reason for frustration was the proverbial heart behind the picture that it was meant to be a picture for my mom and a shout out….and it failed to load.

Real Life Frustration

This feeling reminded me of what I used to feel a lot. That taste of disappointment and not know what to do. It was how I would feel when I would get a really big breakthrough in a book or a class about personal growth and then I’d get in the car, or open the pantry, or yell at the kids, or pick up the phone.

And the big things I would learn all forgotten in a moment….FAILED TO LOAD.

This kind of failure to load is frustrating because it’s real life….not Insta life! 

This kind of failure to load is heartbreaking when you’re working so hard on change and not getting the results you set out for. 

For me, the change I desired was to stress less and to be able to spend more time with the people I loved and make a great income without having a stressful job. 

You shouldn’t fret if you are here…I was there, too. It’s normal! 

And there is hope! 

The truth is that it took me years and years to reach my goals to live a life with less stress. When I came out of that long ass “season”, I learned there was a better way to take this path to less stress. 

Managing Your Stress

I can’t keep these tips to myself any longer!! I have included all that I’ve learned to kick stress to the curb in my new course. 

You thought 2020 was going to be it…this was how you were going to figure out how life works for you and not the other way…


You’re in 2021 and seeing how that plan didn’t work! 


Believe me I know how you feel! 

My “2020 of coming to terms with the fact of needing changes” was actually in 2017….

Good news though! 

You made it through 2020 and what that means now is you can keep going and you can find the way to manage your stress better. 

And even better yet, it’s the perfect time for my course to help you achieve all that you want to do with managing stress. 

When you manage stress and have less overwhelm, you’ll be able to:

  1. Find your passion and your why so that you can live your life of purpose.
  2. Spend more time with your kids, family, and the ones you care about.
  3. Learn to manage the stress of money so you can reach the level of financial success you desire.
  4. Learn how to set the boundaries and goals you need to STOP caring what others think or learn to STOP keeping others’ ideas and thoughts or you away from doing what you want to do.

There is no better time than now to get on the waitlist…learn a little more in the link below or sign up below this post.


I wanted to leave you today with some tips to stress free living this weekend! 

I hope you enjoy your weekend. xo 


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