Voted Biden 2020

Voted Biden 2020 This is political and I am posting this as insight to those that may be confused still on who to vote for. This is not an argument post or give me what this person has done bad or what Trump has done good/bad. It’s all not relative as both parties are not who I would have the choice to vote for.   These are my thoughts and feelings and don’t reflect everyone’s and I’m well aware.   I’m not looking for your opinion. This is a post that I felt as a undecided/non  voter in 2016  why I chose Biden 2020 

Biden was not my favorite pick but had to vote one of the two in order for my vote to count (which is a whole other story) 

#1 reason is Trump is racist.

It was more important for trump to build a wall than for affordable health care. It was more important for him to show hate and not love to feed his ego.  I find it interesting that Republicans time after time want to create zero health care but go make a ton of money and make sure people making a ton of money barely have to help keep this country going and able to keep the “underdogs” afloat. 

It was more important for this current president to ban entering the country of a religion of people (Muslims) than to bring us all together. I find banning is another way of pushing to the side and creating separation. I’m very familiar about a story about a man named hitler who took a “religion” and made it banned and hated. Our country was founded on freedom to worship. Not only freedom of worship of bible believing. That is abuse. And if you don’t think so….that’s privledge to not even know what it’s like to have your religion be the non majority. It’s ethnic racism and it is dangerous.  A man who wants to keep a culture scared and in Islamaphobia is sickness that roots hundreds and hundreds of years. And it didn’t begin with Trump but has worsened and has grown acceptance because our president has created the “ok” to do so. 

He made a Middle East deal to try and crush Palestine’s fight for their freedoms (it won’t crush them . I believe that Palestine should keep their hope alive that equality/freedom is near) . I have seen him over and over make decisions to step and crush smaller so that he can become bigger. 

Freedoms of Choice is so important to me even when it comes to abortion. I have personally seen what hurt can come from choice but to control evolution of human rights is dangerous. Hurt and pain also comes from not being able to perform abortion/safe abortions) It’s time to see that there is zero winning here either side. The freedoms to make choices that I can’t even comprehend to make for someone are not mine and for that I believe the choice can not be taken from us. We must fight to keep the ability to choose no matter the choices that need to be made. We must stop the judgement. Including judgment on ourselves for making choices we had to make ….judgment has to stop.  

It is more important to me that we have affordable health care than less taxes  it is more important to me that we continue to continue to implement  programs that help the under privileged than to have less taxes. 

To give is better than to keep. 

I choose to have smart laws to keep us safe from guns. Did you know that tires have tracking numbers? We can look in a data base that keeps tires and where they go on watch but not guns. That is concerning. Guns are not toys and to be sold as if they are is not ok. 

Capitalism  is a false comfort. The root of money is sickness. I don’t believe money is sick but the desire and this need to keep money as a forefront on building a country is a sickness and to be “the greatest” and obsess about it is a mental illness. 

I believe Love is Love is Love and it’s time to stop even beginning to “control” love.  It is very dangerous to control emotions and try  make people belive they are less than  same danger if not more. 

There are a great many things that i don’t agree with on Biden. I was crushed he was the Democrat nominee. I’m not a democrat and have never been a republican either. Have voted both sides before . I believe this country needs real leadership of a party. Not the leadership we have now.  Our country is made to function as if we are real people not numbers. When a country is ran like a typical business people are seen as numbers and not humans. 

We will need strength  vulnerability  and humility from a leader to get us through this. To not be able to have compassion for what another is going through and speak so hateful is not welcomed by me or my family. This country is headed through some tough places from past leadership 20+ years ago and not just republican or democrat but both. We are actually where we are because of bad choices made by white leadership and the continued choices to stay in “ capitalisim” 

Out of the 2 we have choices of…Biden is my pick 

I honestly struggle with almost  everyone that is in office currently in senate or Congress. I see Nancy Pelosi needs to go and for that I pray that Shahid Buttar takes that seat and gets the vote in California. I will  have faith that our newly made government  come in Nov will be better. 

Not real keen on our colorado choices either. It’s honestly really heart breaking to feel that my vote in this state isn’t to make for a better government. Just means we as a country need to see that the way we choose and vote for people is old and our next level in human rights evolvement must be made new. AOC and Shahid Buttar are a few. Strong women who are willing to step out and stand is something I believe is needed.  

Anyone else feel lost? Felt pretty similar in 2016 about the presidential nominations but can not even comprehending what not voting in 2016 did to today’s world. I couldn’t  comprehend Trump winning in 2016 … just left the voting to others…I would pick  Biden over Hilary any day. So maybe it’s a blessing that instead of re-electing Hilary we have a different choice. I’m gonna grant myself grace and forgiveness as I won’t loose sight this election to not vote. 

Trump has shown me his heart 

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart. Biblical Proverb 

When someone shows you who they are believe them. 

Let’s do this guys. Let’s VOTE 

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