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Would you like to learn powerful Lessons to practice self-love? Self-love is such a hard thing for so many of us but when we peel away the layers and learn to accept ourselves… Just wow LOL… your life will literally feel so much lighter!
As I learn more ways to share and teach self-love from my own experiences and  learn  from my teachers I have a question for you! If I designed a class to reduce stress in your life is this something that would help you? This class will be designed to  help the worries about money,  not having enough time,  and taking on too much on. Is this something you would want to learn more about?

Today I heard some words of advice. It’s nothing new really LOL it’s been a repeated message through the multiple teachers I’ve been watching for the past week, so who better to share it with than with you! 
Do you have a constant worry? Perhaps it’s been about the economy or even COVID-19? For me it’s been the world change of 2020. When we have constant worry of something it’s so important to get quiet and search within ourselves as to what our worry is about. Why are our worries so consistent? Perhaps it’s the same Google search over and over again or social media search. Maybe it’s the people we have in our life?
These are some tips that I’ve done to help me destress and kick the worry out, maybe it will help you too. 
One day I took 30 minutes to clear out who may be an “energy vampire” or someone who doesn’t contribute to a single piece of positive in my life. I either lovingly said goodbye to those I may have been close with or I silenced others on Facebook for the time being. This wasn’t an easy task but it’s been worth the peace of mind. It’s not always about reducing sometimes it’s about adding. I decided to add some of the following things To my social media following, articles, and news I’m reading: 
I added countries I want to visit. I added authors that I love to read their books. I added influencers that teach health and wellness. I am learning Arabic and French, so I’m following new outlets that are helping my success in learning those languages.
My social media walls are looking more of an inspiration over tearing me down or making me worry. 
2, I took a couple hours for two days to research where I’m going to get my information and news from. I wanted to make sure it was an outlet that I can trust and who is reporting and speaking more on real issues opposed to creating the same story over and over again and selling it as different. This took a lot of time, so I limited it to just two days for two hours. It is so important for me to get accurate information without drama3. I saw so many things going on in the world so I did some research on how I can contribute to change. It was important for me to see where I can donate my money and learn how to do my part in social and environment issues. Sometimes I get a little too deep without rage about injustice on any subject. I would recommend relating this to the first tip. Sometimes our friends mean well, But their views don’t match up with our views. When we see things over and over again it can  really hurt my heart and mind. 

After completing these 3 things, what I found is more time for me to create. I found more time to allocate for teaching my children (started homeschool). My work has been more efficient and best of all I’m sleeping better. It also doesn’t hurt that this is teaching me ways to choose better food to eat.
When these things change inside you things change around you.
Annie ReplyForward

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