I’ve always been looking to the future my entire life…I avoided the present moment. Then one day I noticed my present moment and that it felt so comfortable. It was comfortable because I wasn’t busy trying to mind read someone or figuring out what hell will bring me tomorrow LOL

  As I got more and more comfortable in my present moment, I began to see patterns in which could tell me what would be happening in the future.

 To live in the present is a gift. I  ask myself “What have you done right now to further your learning?” and “ What have you done now to further your business?” and “ What have you done now to be a better mom or better friend?”

 My boyfriend always tells me these words “little by little”. Words I’m learning to live by. I can’t always know, have, or possess everything in an exact moment.  I definitely can’t control who God is or what God’s creations do or how things happen. My boyfriend tells me all the time when I stress, “this is life…we have one God and one life and can only do what we can do, God is God for a reason”. 

I’ve been asking God for years to grant me the ability to continue to leave my burdens in his presence. Little by little I do this now . Little by little for the last month has given me abundance to live in the present and know that what my future holds is Good! My future is beautiful, it’s always new every morning! I’ve been blessed with so many gifts, not as many gifts as good as my children, but to have a man who builds me up with his words and his testimony has been such a blessing.

I wrote this blog June 9th. Zahi has been a blessing in my life. He was truly such a gift. On June 15th we decided for the time being that we are apart and not together. My life has been left with a hole that he left since we made this decision. I know that I am going in that hole an filling it with more God and more me….and I know that it is the right decision. Not all decisions are easy, but when you make the right one it is necessary to stick to it.  If it is meant to be we will cross paths at the right time in our lives. And if not I wish him well. XO Mr. Zahi LOVE Always- Annie B.

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