California Dreamin

Have you had a dream so big you can’t loose sight of it?

When I was a little girl I always was dreaming about business. I don’t know why….I was just always around people who were either business owners or investors. I grew up and had very little self worth, and I had hope that I could have a business but didn’t know what that looked like. 18 years later being a business owner of some business I can’t say I ever started prepared. I always started scared.

This endeavor that I began 4 years ago (health and wellness business with Arbonne) is no different. The only difference is the amazing high amount of personal growth I have achieved. Currently, I am in a new building phase of my business and I look to others stories to keep me going. Maybe it’s something that you may resonate with.

I find Disney super interesting. I have been reading a lot and authors talk about him a lot. 

In his day many people thought he was a little nutty. I really identify with him because he was a visionary and he was a dreamer. He also was very intuitive…I see myself as those things . I found that all those things are important in leadership after reading 21 laws of leadership. 

  I especially like the story of developing Disneyland. He took huge risks. He even offered the land surrounding where Disney would be…he offered it to his best friend to develop hotels and his friend said he was crazy to be doing that…those two remained friends until death …the friend wrote that for each step back to the car from where Walt was showing him cost him about a million bucks each step. 

Little more info on Disney 

Theme Park: Disneyland

Along with the complex real world, an imaginary world of fairy tales were living in the Walt Disney’s mind. Being tired of the long-term film production industry, he found himself at the mercy of a new idea in building a theme park, which he called, Disneyland.

The idea of Disneyland came into Walt Disney’s mind when he was attending Griffith Park in Los Angeles with his daughters Diane and Sharon. To get inspiration, he started to visit other play parks including Tivoli Gardens in Denmark, Children’s Fairyland in the United States, and Efteling in the Netherlands.

However, the story of its creation from concept to realization was not easy. Investors were sympathetically sighing talking about hard times and advised Walt to go somewhere to relax when Disney was trying to make them interested in his new venture. His brother, Roy, did not support him either. He believed that the project would not bring revenue.

In a desperate attempt to get funding for the project, Disney turned for help to the television industry. Although the industry of show business was considered almost a pariah at that time, Disney agreed to cooperate with the joint venture, ABC. In exchange for the investments in the amount of $5 million, Disney agreed to broadcast Mickey Mouse short-film series on television.

Walt Disney purchased 160 acres of land in Anaheim, California. The construction of Disneyland started on July 16, 1954, with the total investment spend of $17 million (in today’s money – $150 million). The opening day was held on Sunday, July 17, 1955.  Since then everything went differently for ABC as well as for Walt Disney Company and the American public.


I like story’s of opposition and overcoming. I always have  ️ makes me smile. 

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