Isn’ t the mural pic beautiful? This is work done by @detour303  (insta handle)

My name is Annie Bennett and I’m a recovering racial injustice addict. I was programmed my whole life by this world to believe the way things were going was normal. To believe they were ok. I wrote before I have been looking for a way to speak out since Trayvon Martin. I’ll be honest I didn’t know how or when or what….

Then this precious man’s heart was taken from this world from a vicious act. Disgusting act. We saw murder happening in front of our eyes over and over again. I couldn’t stand by any more and just see injustice. You can read my blog about my decision on that to know more. 

I have a post on my Instagram with a pic of a young man in the mural with me. This young man named Eric in picture was a funny dude (great sense of humor). Brave enough to ask if he could take a pic with us. I’d guess in his 20’s. He joked with me and my daughter. While we were taking pictures his mask broke. As I was leaving we were parked in front of the 7-11 and he asked if he could borrow my service to help return his mask that had just broken. I agreed…we went in. He first asked the woman to return the mask and she said “no, this never happens I won’t return it.” He went further to ask a little more..: then I joined in asking if he had his receipt he didn’t get one he said. I asked the clerk “did he literally just come in and buy this?” and she said yes. And I asked “ he can’t return this to get a new one? “ 

Side note I always fight for myself to be able to return things I fight for things to be right and not crooked . It’s very rare that I have to explain myself but I had so much practice I was ready for this.

I then proceeded to ask her “what is 7-11 policy for returning? You guys sell something that breaks right away and you won’t exchange it for one that operates correctly” she said she’s never had anyone of the masks before doing that.  I said “that doesn’t matter I saw with my own eyes that one break it was your one that didn’t work” 

Eric began to get a little uncomfortable and was like “naw it’s all good. “ 

I said “no dude this is absolutely not ok”

I proceeded to  show this clerk by handing Eric my mask. If you won’t do the right thing I will…and she told us to hold on…she told him she will never do it again but will today this one time. She gave him a new mask. 

It was heart crushing that he alone couldn’t get an exchange over like a $2 thing…but that what I knew is my white privilege  did. She couldn’t even tell us what 7-11 policy was she knew what she was doing was wrong. 

When we stepped out I told him….I’m sorry. I know I have white privilege I don’t know everything I can do, but I know I can admit it. I know I can speak for change. And he told me I have to confess to you, that’s why I brought you in. I used you for your white privilege to make sure I got a new one. But it is what it is. 

I told him there is never any accidents I needed to see this lesson I need to have it more so that it can feed my ego and starve my soul. 

This wasn’t the first time I’d seen my white privilege. It exists. If you do not see it go out and into the world and see it. 

I’m a sheltered white girl from Littleton Colorado where I had only one African American in my school.  I grew up being fascinated with NBA African Americans and was told by my mother that it wasn’t acceptable by family to have different racial boyfriend  relationships. I was taught to fear it. When we’d drive through some place near 5 points my mom  would quickly tell us to lock our doors. I was trained to fear. 

I mentioned this not being my first time seeing white privilege. It was a short couple months ago. My boyfriend is Arab and we get looks sometimes before this incident but this incident I felt for first time how incredible different white people see us. 

We both went into doctor both seen at same time at same place . Both went into our rooms at exact same time. Both similar quick in and out out things. I was treated so great got great service very nice spent time to ask the right questions and then done. And then I went and waited in his room. The doctor  just came out I went in there was an Arabic translator on the phone. We waiting for 30 min for her to come back. Even the translator recognized the treatment being different as I hear her saying hello I’m the translator on the line still trying to translate. I don’t even want to talk about what happen after it’s a waste of my voice and time. I don’t even want to complain about it…he would never dream or imagine to say anything public ally. I kept the rest private to protect him , he’s used to it and couldn’t give two shits. I do because I didn’t know. I was naive…I didn’t know it was happening. Now I do and I must do more. 

My teen daughter wants to protest downtown. I’m still in a place where I don’t know about going into public places where some violence is occurring. I believe i have to be as responsible as I can be to my child. But I want to allow me and her to show where we stand…so today I figured out what I’m doing as I consider to keep watch and decide the moment of going down to protest.  I made my homemade “black lives matter” mask in this pic. I’ll be wearing it everywhere in my white town of littleton/Lakewood colorado. First stop…bought my white fabric paint pen at Hobby Lobby! 

Thanks Hobby Lobby! I opened that white fabric pen and wrote out “White Lives Matters🤍” if Hobby Lobby won’t stand with them I’ll use what I buy to express what’s right and where I stand. When I go back into hobby lobby I’ll be wearing my mask. I’m making more. 

There are a great many companies that have been shoveling their money into things that are opposed or show opposite of Black Lives Matters. Some places I truly hate and will stay away and some places like Chick Fil et —-I thought about not going…instead I’m using my voice…where I stand with my mask in Chick Filet visits …I’ll have shirts ….I’m taking my stand best I can. 

I will continue to get uncomfortable get into the community. Speak life into them. Speak hope into them. Tell them God Bless you. God loves you.

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