3 Ways to kick stress to the curb!

3 new ways to kick stress to the curb! 

We often get so stressed living in our heads not trusting that we know what’s best. Some of us have a mind set that tells us we deserve to not do what we want in life. 
Here is some Tips to help you

  1. Make the decision (when you decide you don’t falter-it is enivitabke that failures will be had its normal its part of life so when you make the decision and you fail…your decision and commitment to keep that decision will help you . – 2011 I made a decision on that I was going to quit my job. I put the date June 1, 2012. In April 2012 I had to leave my abusive husband suddenly took my kids and left for safety. I was homeless and the only tangible financial security I had was my job…but I knew I had to keep going and give my notice. 6 months after I left my job I had my first 5 figure month. It wasn’t pretty. Wasn’t perfect. I failed lots of times…so please take it from me it’s normal!! 
  2. Walk through the Fear-  I mentioned that I failed a lot in that first 6 months to get to my first big success in my business. My life literally looked and felt like it was falling apart. I was a hurting woman with a broken heart and at some point during that time I had a short month fling with my then husband (abusive ) until I was finally able to file for divorce shortly after that.  So many months I couldn’t pay my bills and I never went through that before. It was sooo scary. I could have quit and got some “ease” and just got a new job. I knew though because of step number one (make a decision) that I had to keep going. If you have these issues read a book called 3ft from gold. 
  3. Write it down. I’ve mentioned in a FB live that I believe it’s normal to have regret or change of mind the next day or week or etc… after making a decision. When you make your decisions and knowing why you’re making those decisions to stick to , it is so important to write them down because of the next day, month, year, or etc “regret” that comes in that are lies. You have to have the truth written down to prove to your lies you had the truth. Some people need to use the word regret for a different meaning. Maybe another good choice word is a “guilt” a “fear” and “anxiety” etc…find your word. 

I promise you If you start using these steps in your life you will literally watch yourself kick stress out! And as you do it more and more it’s gets even more exciting to watch yourself do this!


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