How I Manifested a Vacation. My Free 7 Step Guide

Do you know what manifest means? It means it came to pass…to actually see it happen.

This is what the dictionary says

clear or obvious to the eye or mind.


This is my 7 STEP GUIDE to Manifesting a Vacation

1. You have to get yourself into a spot that you are fully able to know it can happen. I do this with prayer and meditation personally .  Believe that it’s possible and that you deserve what it is. When you believe you are asking for it to come to pass Matthew 7:7 Psalm 37:4 

2. Write it down when you have it written down you will not forget it especially if you have it in a few areas of your home. Have pictures of what it is you want—even before I knew Cassi was going to have this wedding I had the Jamaican flag on my vision board -Habakkuk 2 

3. Get it clear in your mind of what it is that you want. Which means that your not going to let any distraction get better of you and the days you do…you tell yourself that you’re going to do it…because when you tell your mind your still going to do it even if you don’t believe it that minute or that day even…you will know it again soon. So you have to remind yourself daily. You’ve heard me tell you  Matthew 23:18 and Romans 12:2 

4. Pray and meditate on it as much as you remember then it’s not 100% in your hands. But it is 100% in your hands to have faith. I think one of the most important  things to know about faith is that faith does not mean everything is hunky dory. Faith doesn’t mean that you are not scared. Faith is not comfortable. 

Hebrews 11: Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it.
I remember Conor Mcgregor talked about this type of faith. He was pushing his beat up old car up a road and literally imagining he was driving his Range Rover beautiful fancy car Conor McGregor was on Ireland’s equivalent to food stamps right as he hit the big time in UFC. I think he is one of the highest paid fighters in the UFC. Some people have said this type of exercise  is useless but it’s not. It’s not just Conor Mcgregor …it’s Jim Carey it was Abraham Lincoln and so many more who used this practice of imagining like Conor.
Proverbs 3:5-6 Hebrews 11:11 

5. Put down a good down payment–here is my example. 

A few months before I bought my plane tickets. I didn’t know how I would get hotel…but took that step that stretched me

My sister called me a month later and asked when I was gonna get the hotel. Not gonna lie I was freaked out!! She told me about this really cool website that you can put down $1 and make a payment arrangement. The website is called BOOK IT . I wasn’t able to come up with the money in time so then I had to change the dates twice. In fact when I called to pay it in full 10 days before the trip the operator was in shock because the movement of dates was not allowed. I should not have been able to change it in computer.  I stayed strong saw it happen!! Kept the faith!

6. Believe and know the money will come. It doesn’t come the way you think sometimes so don’t ever get upset when one way you thought doesn’t happen. I can’t tell you how many times “my plan” got ruined. 

7. Go –on your vacation or do that thing you’ve been wanting because life is short and if you waste another minute don’t live in regret. 

If you want to know and learn more things like this please join my live inspired group or wellness warrior. I have a workbook/journal coming 2019 that I am writing you be able to get soon! I’ll keep you updated. 

I love you warriors thanks for joining me you are important! Go out and be a light in this world! 

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