Top 3 Reasons to Say “no” to KETO!!

There is a lot of buzz the last couple years about “diets” lately one called the KETO diet has come to be a very known diet. It is very similar to the old very popular trend diet in the early 2000’s called ATKINS. I am pretty passionate about why you want to keep ketones out of your body. We are blessed as humans to have insulin to keep ketones away. Many of you know I have 2 kiddos with type 1 diabetes–we were taught 14 years ago that ketones are sorta like poison to the body…needless to say…I’m pretty passionate about a few things in this email so that you will learn something new!

TOP 3 Things you should know when learning about the KETO Diet TOP NOT SO GOOD THINGS (KETO USES ABOUT 70% FAT 25% PROTEIN and 5 % carbs)

1. Your brain uses carbs as energy to burn. Carbs are essential to our bodies working to our fullest potential

2. Your not necessarily loosing fat…you are loosing water weight. This is because when you have lower carbs your body metabolizes any carbs that enter the body which cause the kidneys to release extra sodium and causes dehydration.

3. Keto Flu-When my kids get Ketones they are throwing up and sick as can be! “Keto Flu” is very common among the Keto Community which symptoms include severe nausea, cold sweats, headache, and bed ridden.


Not only am I committed to this lifestyle change, I’m also committed to telling everyone I know about the Arbonne Essentials products that helped me to make this change as well as offering support and accountability to help you reach your goals too. YOU are taking charge of your life, but I’m here to help! Now let’s get this started! Post and share your goals with the hash tag #30daystohealthyliving.

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