The First of Firsts

It’s strange…not sure how to start my very first blog post! Maybe an introduction is what I should do? Ok…hi…I’m Annie, I’m a single mom to 3 children. I was the one who had her children 6-7 years apart! I laugh about it most days, but some days it’s a crying sesh. My oldest, Raelyn, just graduated high school and started college a few months ago. My middle, Evie is in junior high. My youngest, Asher, is just in preschool. They are wonderful and I’m so grateful for them. I love the privilege of being a mom. The featured picture is 2014 after my son was born!

I enjoy exploring personal growth and building business. I keep busy most days. Can’t wait to explore and get to know my readers and followers. A year ago I embarked on becoming “The Wellness Warrior Within”. It’s my alter ego…I think!? I believe it’s who I’ve been all along, I just needed to find this person. You may ask who is the wellness warrior within? The wellness warrior comes live on FB Live every week to bring value and hope to those looking for it. I tell people in my FB lives that I want to show them how to live “a life of design”. I want to inspire people to live out their dreams and aspirations. I share an become vulnerable. This is my hope for my blog

This is my first of many blogs. Thank you for taking the time to spend reading a learning a little more about me.

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